Accurate filling, packaging and labelling is achieved with automated packaging systems, and is performed in our ISO Class 7 cleanroom in compliance with ISO 14644-1 standards.

Our standard packaging consists of 1 or 2 sets of sealed double-bags per carton, according to the product type, size and weight.

Each inner bag and each carton is labelled with the reference and product description, production batch number, net weight , and quantity per carton.

Appropriatte packaging is used for products that are humidity-sensitive - such as our caps with inserted desiccant canisters - or for products that will be submitted to a sterilization process by Gamma irradiation or Ethylene Oxide (EtO).

We are available to develop special packaging and labelling standards to comply with your own specific requirements.

PlasticProgress Pharma Packaging is specialized in the manufacture of primary plastic packaging and Class I medical devices for the pharmaceutical industry.