Together with our sterilization process partners, we enable the sterilization, physical protection and preservation of sterility, and also to provide an aseptic presentation of our products, up to the point of use by our customers.

Our target is that the theoretical probability that micro-organisms are present in the product after the sterilization treatment is less than one in one million, providing a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) equal or better than 10-6.

Validation of the sterilization of PlasticProgress Pharma Packaging products is ensured by working with highly experienced partners in this field of expertise.

Work is performed all the way through from the validation of the product, to performing microbiological validation, and validating the sterilization process according to ISO 11137 standards.

Our partners have in place complete traceability with process documentation for each product treated, and a detailed certificate is issued with each sterilization treatment.

Together with our gamma radiation or EO sterilization service partners, PlasticProgress Pharma Packaging has the experience and knowledge to offer expert advice and solutions to specific customer requirements.

PlasticProgress Pharma Packaging is specialized in the manufacture of primary plastic packaging and Class I medical devices for the pharmaceutical industry.