Injection-Blow Moulding

Plasticprogress - Injection Blow Molding

Our modern plastic injection-blow moulding machines manufacture snap-on bottles, eye-dropper bottles, container bottles, pill jars, tubes and vials with capacities from 5,0 ml up to 500 ml.

Injection-blow moulding is the best processing choice for producing the highest quality plastic bottle containers that consistently meet close tolerance pharmaceutical specifications.

The bottles, tubes and vials we produce are completely finished in the mould, with no plastic scrap.

Our injection-blow moulded products have a high accuracy in the neck finish, and minimal variations in weight, wall thickness, and volume.

The injection and moulding areas of our machines are enclosed in cabinets equipped with HEPA-filters. Once moulded, the bottles, tubes or vials are fed into the main cleanroom in encapsulated conveyor belts.

These cleanroom areas are kept under positive pressure with a constant laminar airflow, and are regularly audited and certified to ISO Class 5 according to ISO 14644-1 standards.

With this lay-out, we offer a stable and contamination-free moulding area. And we also meet the economic challenge of high productivity by offering a high capacity output process, with extended mould capacity and short injection cycles.

PlasticProgress Pharma Packaging is specialized in the manufacture of primary plastic packaging and Class I medical devices for the pharmaceutical industry.