Frascos para cápsulas e comprimidos sensíveis à humidade

Container bottles for moisture-sensitive tablets, capsules and powders

PlasticProgress Pharma Packaging manufactures a 35ml container bottle for moisture-sensitive oral solid dose formulations such as tablets, capsules and powders.

The container bottles are manufactured in pharma-grade HDPE with white masterbatch, in full compliance with European Pharmacopea, and are produced by injection blow moulding for superior dimensional accuracy and quality.

As a primary plastic pharmaceutical solutions provider, we have developed a tamper-evident cap with a positive-fit mounting bracket allowing us to automatically insert a desiccant canister with silica gel as a drying agent inside the cap.

This allows you to preserve your moisture-sensitive oral solid dose formulations better and for a longer period of time.

This same cap is also available without the mounting bracket, allowing the assembly of a range of liners and seals according to your product requirements.

Besides the current 35ml capacity bottles, other capacities such as 20ml and 50ml are under development.

The production, sealing and packaging are performed in our certified ISO Class 7 cleanroom, with a constant ISO Class 5 laminar flow over the injection area, in accordance to ISO 14644-1 standards.

Click here for our factsheet about our range of container bottles for moisture-sensitive tablets, capsules and powders.

PlasticProgress Pharma Packaging is specialized in the manufacture of primary plastic packaging and Class I medical devices for the pharmaceutical industry.